Space in Hertfordshire can come at a very steep premium. Whether you’re pushed for space in your home or business, storage can be a brilliant solution. Talk to us today about our long and short-term storage services for Hertfordshire and the Greater London area:

Each storage container has a floor space of  35 Sq ft and a volume of 250 Cu ft.

The minimum period is one week and prices start from £15pw, per container.

Extra liability cover can be arranged at additional cost.

Hertfordshire storage services

Our Hertfordshire storage services comprise a collection service from your home or business premises, storage in our secure facility, and delivery back to you on request. If you don’t want all the transportation hassle associated with other self-storage facilities, then we can help. Our man with van is ready to come to you.

As a home-owner or tenant in Hertfordshire you’ll be only too aware of how much it costs to live here. Small homes such as flats and apartments are the best, sometimes only, option for many. If you don’t have the luxury of a spare room, attic, or cellar space then it becomes a problem when you need to store something, either on a short-term or long-term storage basis. Off-site storage, such as at our facility, can give you some breathing space when you need it.

Storage needs can come at any time. Recently, we had the pleasure of storing a dining suite comprising a large table and some chairs because the home-owner was throwing a party at his home and he wanted the extra space to entertain. With little room to swing a cat at the best of times, and not wanting to put his beloved dining suite in his limited outside space and leave it to the good old British weather, he asked us to help. A quick visit from us with the van, and he had more room for his guests. Whether he and his guests did much cat swinging, we don’t know, but he survived the experience and gave us a call when he was ready for his dining suite to be returned!

If you’re temporarily leaving Hertfordshire to go travelling, or take up a job elsewhere for a while, we can store your items for you and drop them back off at your new home when you return. Why continue to pay rent on a home you don’t use just so you have somewhere to leave your things? If you’re renting your home out, don’t leave your treasured items at the mercy of any tenants. Keep them safe with us.

For Hertfordshire businesses, we can store essential items during a move, or on a long-term basis where warehouse and office space is expensive. Why pay a fortune for a large office or unit just so that you have extra room for excess stock or seldom-used but essential equipment? Off-site storage can help you reduce your essential overheads, and our Door2Door collection and delivery service means it doesn’t matter too much where that off-site storage is located – you can spend your valuable time worrying about your business and what makes you money.

So if you’re looking in Hertfordshire for storage services, look no further. Our storage services are convenient, hassle-free, and superb value. Give us a call today to discuss your needs and get a free no-obligation quotation.

“John Fishman and his small team pride themselves on an efficient service and all items are handled with the utmost care.” — Alison Cork