Handy tips on packing boxes for your move

Tips on packing boxesWe always advise our clients to let the removal company do the packing for you. It helps in the long run and isn’t as expensive as you might think! However, here are a few handy tips on packing boxes for your move so if you do choose to do them yourself – you won’t get damaged boxes and items falling out!

  1. Allow extra time for packing – For the non-professional packer, it can be very time consuming and not as easy as it looks. Most people really do underestimate how much stuff they actually own – some wardrobes and cupboards can produce a never ending supply of items once you delve in. Don’t leave it all until the last minute. There is nothing worse than when the removal company turn up to find only half the house is packed!
  2. Mark the boxes – this way the removal company knows which room to place them in. It speeds up the moving process and is much easier when you start to unpack the other end.
  3. Don’t under-fill your boxes – they will crush in on themselves, plus also they are harder to stack.
  4. Don’t over-fill them so that they are bulging – they won’t stack at all then and will also need to be carried by two men, not just one (that means extra labour = extra costs!)
  5. Don’t buy the cheapest packing boxes on the internet – they are usually weak, flimsy and single walled boxes that are not fit for purpose. It will cost more in the long run. We can supply double walled strong boxes either to buy at competitive prices or can supply on a loan basis for local moves.

We hope that gives you a few suggestions on packing, but better still, sit back, relax, and just let us do it for you – all the materials are included in the price!

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