Beware of the cowboys

You can always tell when the removal game is getting busy, we get lots of calls from people who have been let down, usually a day or two before, sometimes even on the day.  

What usually  happens, is the company , has booked in a remova l , well in advance at a cheap price, to fill up their diary. They then carry on quoting for jobs, and if something better turns up, they drop the original customer without a second thought.

The usual excuse, is that the van has broken down. Today we came accross two new excuses that we hadnt heard before.

One company have had there vans broken into , so they are now out of service for a few days. Another company had two of their porters both fall down the stairs at the same time, a bit careless really, and are now injured, and cant get any replacements in the next two days to cover the job. 

You would think a decent company would make the effort of hiring a replacement van, but that sort of offer is never forthcoming.

Thankfully, for one of those stressed out families,we can help out.

Be careful who you book with. Take a look at out Testimonial page and read through some of our happy clients, comments.